The importance of 3-2-1 backup


     Let's admit it, we all lost data at some point in our lifetime. It might have been some family photos, thesis, notes. What did you do? Did you come up with a backup solution yet? A 3-2-1 is a reliable backup/recovery strategy for ensuring your data is protected. This practice ensures that there is no single point of failure for data.

     The basic concept of the 3-2-1 backup strategy is to have three copies. Yes, three copies of data! 3-2-1 can be accomplished in different ways. Here is one example, two copies local on two on separate mediums like flash drives, external drives, CDs, or tapes. 3-2-1 ensures that your data is protected from hardware failures, corruptions, viruses, etc. Some software applications will handle your backups automatically as opposed to having to remember to manually. By doing this will allow you to recover the backup data quickly in case it is needed.

     The third copy should be stored offsite. A continuously updated copy of your data offsite is a component in ensuring that your documents are not in the same physical location due to natural disasters or theft. Some services to check out are Crashplan, iDrive, Dropbox, Backblaze, Google Drive.

Fundamentals into having a successful 3-2-1 backup plan, including
     All data copies are up to date.
     Local media should be readable.
     All backups should be tested.
     Offsite copies are stored safely.
     Recovery plan is in place.

     Backing up is like investing in yourself. You want to diversify as much as your assets. Therefore, the 3-2-1 backup strategy is a great start to ensure against data loss.


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