Why not WordPress?


     Don't get me wrong. It is a great tool. 34% of the internet is running on WordPress. It has been known for being one of the best content management systems. It has backing, plugins, themes, fixes, and anyone can make a WordPress site without a lot of website management knowledge.

     Yet, running a blog on WordPress isn't for me. I am a system admin and full-stack developer by trade. I like to put my creative abilities to the test and program it. It's like writing a novel for me. I can spend an average of 7 days a week writing code. I have to say after, A long day of work, nothing beats sitting down and firing up Visual Studio to create something on a test dev box.

     I drew up an idea and throughout the weekend. I have this basic form of a blog that integrates well with my homepage. I have control of everything, and I'm not relying on a premade content management system that could possibly change up my website after an update. It might not have every feature that a WordPress site would have, and I possibly have my own set of bugs that I need to sort out, like the forever-changing font styles. Those can always be added/fixed later or maybe possibly never. It all the matter of it starts to get annoying, but it's all for fun from building it, maintaining it, and creating a database from the ground up. That is the benefit of just making something for yourself.


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