Shopping for a new laptop


    I've been putting off buying a new laptop for a while now, but my work-provided Dell Latitude 5450 just isn't cutting it for anymore, and my current machine (nervously laughs) isn't something that I wanted to carry around every day. In all honestly, there's nothing wrong with my current laptop per-say. It's still an ultimate powerhouse of a machine with a 15.6in, i7-7700,32GB,1.5TB by today's standards, but it's a bit on the heavier side and only gets 2 hours of battery life. I also wanted to have a chance to play with Windows 11. So, this gave me the excuse to upgrade/sidegrade and kill two birds with one stone. 

    So, my search for the perfect laptop for mobility begins. My ultimate goal for the new laptop is to downsize without taking too much of a hit on performance. And also still fit the needs for personal and work life and, of course, USB-C for docking. So basically, anything that is the best bang for the buck that didn't feel cheap.

    After ignoring anything that had 8GBs of memory with no expansion ports, I've decided to wait until the end of August for back-to-school-specials. HP seemed to have the best deal when it came to a laptop selection. I was able to pick up an HP Pavilion 13 with 13.3, i5-1135G7,16gb,512GB for $550 after taxes. This is great! What sold me on this laptop was all the ports 2 USB-A ports, USB-C,  HDMI, SD card, Headphone port for something this size.

    Having lived with this laptop for about two months after a month's wait, I can say this laptop is a good fit. Now, it did come with all the fancy bloatware upon arrival. And so, it required a fresh install of Windows. I'm able to bring it anywhere, without worrying about bringing a charger, and have the option to dock it when I need to.


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