To blog or not to blog?

     Believe it or not. was once a blog that ran on WordPress, where I used to post tutorials on the subject of computers, servers, and networking. Even though it was fun, it became a bit frustrating at the same time, like how to come up with content without wasting your audience's time? Learning and typing for the purpose of keeping content up-to-date just became a second job that I never wanted.

     Now I have written a custom platform that fits my current website design. I decided that i'm going to post a little of everything, in general, like a place to ramble my thoughts. (Journal) In hopes for people on the internet can share the same interests in computers as I do. Even if the content doesn't, it still serves as an archival piece for me to go back to and laugh at.

Now I do question myself,
Who would care?
What if I’m not a good writer?
Why would people come?

     Well, I can't answer those, but in the end, It can't hurt to try, right? Therefore, the blogs posts are coming back.


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