Web Hosting What?


     Choosing what type of web host is serious when hosting a website. The internet can come with all sorts of challenges that can for unseen. The industry standards of dedicated or web hosting and now rolling out your own Virtual Private Server are options that are hard to ignore when researching the types of servers. However, choosing one over the other should be taken into consideration. No one wants to go to a slow-loading / in-secure website.

Pros of shared hosting:
     Extremely affordable
     Ideal for blogs and personal websites
     All issues are taken care of by the provider
     No need to setup

Cons of shared hosting:
     Limited security
     Higher incident of hacking
     Cannot run custom software
     Maybe slower

Pros of dedicated hosting:
     Overall faster
     Ability to a large amount of traffic
     More configuration options
     Dedicated server, so more secure

Cons of dedicated hosting:
     Diagnosing slightly more difficult

Pros of VPS hosting:
     A lot of control
     Endless Server options
     Easy to scale

Cons of VPS hosting:
     Need technical know-how
     Maintenance (a good or bad thing)
     No support for your application

As you choose your preferred hosting, try and remember the old saying: “You get what you pay for.”
I hope this article has provided a solid overview of the different options available.



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